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Lead Backer

Automates processes for lead capture & lead nurturing / lead follow-up, lead database management, and lead conversion optimization.

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  • Manage leads and the CRM.

  • Report issues with CRM by calling the hotline.

  • Answer CRM-related questions from agents and provide training if needed.

  • Service inbound leads from sign calls and online sources and determine where they are in the buying/selling process.

  • Immediate response and scrubbing of the leads. (adding labels, activating drip campaigns, sending welcome text or emails, assigning the le

  • ad to agents)

  • Build a follow-up process for the agents.

  • Nurturing all leads through steady communication (email and text) until the leads are ready to talk or meet with an agent.

  • Re-assigning leads to an agent once an appointment is set.

  • Daily monitoring of agent activity.

  • Keep track of completed tasks and goals to measure lead conversion ratio and meet performance benchmarks.

  • Generate reports regarding the Agent’s productivity and accountability.

  • Build trackers and dashboards through google sheets.

  • Track referrals and prepare referral forms.

  • Create a Lead Database for backup in case something happens with the CRM.

  • Database and Pipeline Tool Management.

  • Upload leads to dialer and schedule showings for agents.

  • Cascade updates regarding incoming CRM training or webinar and team announcements.

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