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Recruitment Backer

Oversee the entire hiring process, including networking with entry-level agents, posting to job boards, establishing vetting processes for candidates, and keeping track of all applicant information.

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Perform Clerical Functions – Answering phone calls, scanning documents, and making photocopies is integral to the recruitment process. Recruiting assistants ensure that all the necessary paperwork is filed and that application forms are completed and processed.

Schedule Interviews – Recruiting assistants schedule interviews. This involves coordinating schedules with applicants and interviewers, creating calendars, sending interview confirmations, monitoring inboxes, and reconciling interview cancellations.

Screen Applicants – As the first point of contact between applicants and the hiring manager, recruiting assistants screen applicants before moving their applications forward. To screen applicants, recruiting assistants review application material, read resumes and cover letters, and set up phone interviews.

Update Applicant Information – Recruiting assistants perform data entry to input and update applicant information in the candidate database. They uphold confidentiality when handling applicant information.

Process Background Checks – Recruiting assistants process background checks to verify applicant information and ensure that the minimum hiring requirements are met. This may include contacting references, screening for drug use, and checking for criminal background.

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