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Web Backer

A Back-End Web Developer is responsible for server-side web application logic and integration of the work front-end web developers do. Back-end developers usually write web services and APIs used by front-end developers and mobile application developers.

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Designs and creates website – Designs and creates a professional website for each product and service of the business via different web tools such as Google Sites, Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, and RealGeeks.

Plans and executes SEO strategies – Plans and executes SEO strategies to grow website traffic, increase engagements using chat boxes, and provide a high-quality user experience.

Collaborate with Designers – Collaborate with internal teams to create high-quality webpages and engaging content.

Generate Reports – Captures and engages leads from web traffic or visitors and submits daily report generations.

Maintenance and Security – Maintains the organization’s website by ensuring full compliance with all website laws and regulations, keeps up-to-date with industry best practices, monitors competitor websites, and keeping brand consistency.

Provides customized features based on what the client needs

  • Online Appointment Booking

  • Resource Library

  • Blogs

  • Webpage for each Products/Services

  • Listing/Sold etc.

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